Every day I feel this pain. But you just turn and walk away. I just can’t keep hanging on… To you and me. I just don’t know what is wrong with you and me.

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hey guys. please go follow my other blog mck-r because i’m sad and lonely over there and i miss you all. thanks<3

breakfast (:

mornin’ (:

got a nice guest comment on saturday in electronics. (: #t0230

#t0230     04/27/2014

and the marble too like omg

mmmmmmmmm dragonfly (:

gots my new computer today :D it’s not as schmancy as a macbook but i think i like it (: so i’ll be around a lot more, i’m planning on getting myself all organized and back into the web designing business.

…as soon as i catch up on game of thrones and shameless.

it’s just so beautiful ;_;